Now Accepting Nominees for Various ELNA Positions

The ELNA Board is excited to announce we are now accepting nominations for various officer and committee chairman positions!

Have you ever wanted to get involved in the neighborhood association, but didn’t know how to get involved?

Do you want to make a direct contribution and make decisions which will guide our neighborhood into the future?

This is your chance to get involved! All positions are volunteer and we all help each other out. So, don’t worry if you don’t know anything about security or welcoming committees or being PRESIDENT! We are all just nice folks keeping an eye out for our neighborhood to keep it a great place to live.

The following positions are accepting nominations:

  • President (officer)
  • Vice President (officer)
  • Directory and Communications Committee (chairman)
  • Safety and Security Committee (chairman)
  • Civic Awareness Committee (chairman)
  • Neighborhood Improvement Committee (chairman)
  • Hospitality and Interest Groups Coordination Committee (chairman)
  • Yard of the Month Committee (chairman)

You might be thinking, that is a lot of open positions, and you’d be right! The reality is some of these jobs are being performed by neighbors wearing several hats. But to really do a good job in each position, we definitely need more help from our neighbors. The officer positions are filled but are accepting nominations to let those board members help in other areas and to bring in fresh ideas and perspectives. Officer positions are meant to be termed limited, so it only makes sense to let new folks have a chance to participate.

Submit your nominations today!